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Post  Gerard on Sun Oct 26, 2008 4:40 pm

Just want to say thanks to Sam Lowe, Jake Hickey, Michael Crossett and Jordan Rossi who have all helped me out playing in the 7ths this season so far.

Michael Crossett has done a great job keeping in the 7ths so far and has a bright future as a keeper / batsman. Keep up the good work Michael.

Jake Hickey did well in the field last week when we faced an experienced Highton side and we fell short when we batted but Jake saved us quite a few runs in the field through his enthusiam and ability in the field.

Jordan Rossi has been at our two game so far and has been keen to help us in the field when we were short. Good work mate in the field and great effort to take a catch on Satrurday against Murghebuloc.

Sam Lowe filled in on Saturday against Murghebuloc and I hope it wont be the last time he plays because he has some talent and bowled very well without much luck. Great to see a young junior mixing it with some pretty experienced players and not being afraid to try things when he bowled. Great job Sam, well done mate. Hope you can play some more games in the 7ths this year.

Thanks guys for helping out guys


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