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Most Dangerous Batsman Empty Most Dangerous Batsman

Post  Jermone on Sun Nov 04, 2007 3:25 pm

I was thinking who is the most destructive batsman at East, i mean who has the ability to win a game off his own bat in the matter of 10- 15 overs. i haven't been at the club to long but shortly Benny "Teen Wolf" Spencer would have to be up there. I have seen him destroy bowling teams in the matter of 6-8 overs, bludgening big sixes and countless boundries.


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Most Dangerous Batsman Empty Re: Most Dangerous Batsman

Post  bonga on Tue Nov 06, 2007 7:54 am

Scott Eddy would have to be one of the best Ive seen.
I was batting with him one day when this young red headed kid was thrown the ball by his skipper I faced his first ball and put him on the kindy roof next ball i made an ugly single after trying to do the same thing again, with Sted now on strike the fun was about to begin. the orange ruffies next four balls went for a total of 20 runs, all of which ozzed quality. The next over the kid bowled was something i will never forget with Sted plonking on the front foot and smashing him to all parts. It must be unnerving for a bowler when your running in to bowl and the batsman is laughing at you because he knows whats about to come. The first 4 balls of the over went something like 6 6 4 6 it was at this point the bowler was reduced to tears, next ball i believe Sted hit him for four. The last ball of the over he produced a perfect forward defencive stroke to drop the ball at his feet for no run. At the end of the over we met mid pitch and i asked him what the deal was with blocking the last ball his reply was "I could have put him anywhere i wanted but I just couldn't do it to him". This is one example from a number where Scott Eddy had turned games, cemented victory or mentally desintigrated sides in about 5 overs


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